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Международное предпринимательство - Ерохин В.Л.

Ерохин В.Л. Международное предпринимательство — М.: Финансы и статистика, 2008. — 392 c.
ISBN 978-5-279-03329-4
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following results:
1) practically all Russian trade partners were involved in real
negotiations. It is important, that it was achieved at the given
stage, because some WTO countries try to set the maximum
tariff requirements directly ahead of the accession, and the
joining country has to meet these requirements to achieve the
final result and to access WTO;
2) the degree of the positions coordination with the overwhelming
majority of the partners has reached 80 %;
3) with some countries the negotiation already were on the final
stage with only 3-5 unmatched groups of the products.
The fifth stage - 2006 and present time. Russia has agreed all the
positions with all trade partners, including USA and is ready to enter
WTO in 2008. At this stage Russia negotiated on the basis of the following
1) there are no terms of the Russian accession to WTO and finish
of the tariff negotiation. These negotiations will be completed
only with the achievement of all the results, necessary for

2) at the moment of the Russian accession to WTO any tariff rate
will not be lowered. They will stay at the same level, as before
3) in the certain time after accession the tariff rates for the some
products can be unsignificantly reduced (3-5 %). These are
products in which extended admission on the Russian market the
country is interested itself (raw materials, not made in Russia, or
semifinished items, progressive process equipment, elements of
a furnish or components making Russian products competitive on
the global markets), or those products, the reduction of the tariffs
on which will not threat Russian producers (for example, ferrous
metals products);
4) on each product, on which there can be the tariff reduction, it is
obligatory to provide the transitive period of adaptation. Its
duration depending on the "sensitivity" of the appropriate Russian
products and fiscal factors will vary from 3 till 7 years from the
moment of Russian accession to WTO;
5) Russia does not consider the participation in the unessential
WTO tariff arrangements as the obligatory preliminary condition
of its WTO accession, but by the results of the bilateral
negotiation Russia can come closer to the some of these
unessential conditions that will not damage the Russian interests
or will promote the acceleration of its economic development
(tariff harmonization for the chemical goods, Agreement on the
information technologies).
The basic advantages of the any country accession to WTO can be
presented as the set of three following aspects:
- the increase of the markets openness degree;
- the simplification of the access to the foreign investments;
- the unification of the domestic legislative base in the field of
international trade according to the global requirements.
The basic positive aspects of the Russian accession to WTO.
/. Today. The conditions of the Russian products and services
access to the basic international markets are worsened. More
than 90 discrimination measures are applied against Russian
products and services, the overall damage to the Russian
economy is estimated in $3-4 bin. The access on the
international markets becomes a problem of the economic safety
of the country.

After. Russia will be able to negotiate on the improvement of the
access conditions for the Russian products and services on the
global markets - tariffs reduction, restrictions removal. Russia will
get the access to the WTO judicial system and the opportunity of the
compulsory decisions execution.
2. Today. Russia is isolated from the participation in the
development of new rules of international trade. As a result
the new accepted trade decisions can threat the strategic
interests of the country.
After. Russia will be able to take part in the development of new
rules of international trade with its current and strategic interests.
3. Today. The EU expansion, Eastern European and Baltic countries
accession to the EU will worsen the access conditions on the
markets of these countries.
After. Russia and EU countries will act in the frameworks of one
trade system, it will provide the access for the Russian products on
the traditional markets.
4. Today. The Russian legislation is inconsistent and complicated. It
interferes with the normal development of the economic activity,
attraction of the foreign investments.
After. The participation in WTO assumes the stability of the
legislation based on the multilateral standards. It essentially raises the
attractiveness of the state for the foreign investments.
5. Today. The states of Russian Federation frequently apply the
measures interfering the normal economic exchanges.
After. According to the WTO standards norms, the participant
country should result all legislation, including the legislation at the
regional level, in conformity with the general and specific WTO
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